GraphPlotter: An android app to plot dual data series 


My Android Calculator (NoorCal)


This is the User Interface (Front End Design) of my calculator app developed in Android Studio. Right now I am using the app on my android phone. Life is really awesome to have a powerful computing device in the pocket and learning how to exploit it through programming!


Peak Expiratory Flow Rate (PEFR) Calculator:

pefr calculator

The software is developed using Netbeans IDE for JAVA. It takes the amplitude of the AC signal from the differential pressure sensor (MPXV5050DP) as input which I have used in my venturimeter for spirometry and returns the calculated value of PEFR for the selected model. Here B stands for Beta ratio for the specific venturimeter.

A calculator for fun!


I developed this calculator for simple high school arithmetic tasking and it was a quite fun when the software worked. It must be mentioned that I learned JAVA from a website called SoloLearner where I got certified too for completing the tiresome lengthy exams based on online video tutorial while napping on my couch. Hmm..sounds cool!