Hi! My name is Noor Mohammed. I am a hardware hacker integrating my knowledge in biology, mechanics, electronics, and software engineering. I’m passionate about things related to reverse engineering (I call it breakNbuild!). Although, I completed my bachelor in Mechanical Engineering in the year 2014 from Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology, I turned my interest into the multidisciplinary world of biomedical engineering. Right now, I am a graduate research assistant at BME dept. of Wichita State University. Prior to that, I was a research assistant at the department of Biomedical Physics & Technology, University of Dhaka. Besides I am also a student member of Biomedical Engineering Society and a reviewer of “Biomedical Signal Processing and Controljournal (started from August 28, 2016, to present). 

I am a solo learner (that means, nobody is going to drive your car, so teach yourself!). Some of my research interests are Biomedical Instrumentation, RF engineering, Microwave Imaging, RF resonator, NFC/ RFID technology, RLC Network analysis, Biorobotics, Biofluid Mechanics, CAD, 3D printing, Rapid prototyping and Embedded system designing. I also like to explore the world of Programming, Digital Signal Processing, and Numerical mathematics.

My aim is to identify and bring the technology in the most creative way to bridge the gap between human and machine (I am not a nerd!). I am adept in many areas of design and development related to Mechatronics (yes, now you C me!).

Some of my skills include (the fun parts of learning!):

  • C, JAVA, Processing, Assembly, Android programming
  • 8-bit AVR and PIC microcontrollers
  • Wireless Communication (Bluetooth SPP, BLE)
  • Arduino UNO, Nano, MEGA, DUE, ESP32, Bluno, MKR 1010, Teensy 3.5, STM32F103 Blue Pill. 
  • AutoCAD, Solid Works
  • LATEX, MS Office, Tecplot 360

During respite, I like to play guitar, watch movies and workout at the gym.

[**P.S: All of the contents published in this blog page pose their ingenuity from the aspect of the technical innovation. In order to curb the purveyance of piracy and to preserve the author’s attribution, most of the relevant information has deliberately remained covert. However, the pedagogues, the soul researchers and the students who always like to think out of the box are highly encouraged to contact with me for appropriate clarification of the relevant topics. Adherence to these, I am also looking for a research group where I can work on these topics. If you are interested, you are most welcome to contact me.]

Nomad of Blue Earth