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March 2016

TRINITY: A Tri-controller development platform for the K-12 students


Trinity is an indigenous microcontroller based development platform  created by Noor Mohammed for hobbyist and  K-12 students around the world. The board features the atmel Atmega328P and two Attiny 85 microcontrollers. It exploits the most popular ARDUINO IDE so that anyone can develop their own standalone embedded system. An upcoming revision of this board will integrate the Google App Inventor 2 and HC-05 bluetooth module to enable android based prototyping facility. So welcome your digi pal “TRINITY”!

A novel calibration setup for 3D printed micro Venturimeter


The above setup is designed to calibrate 3D printed small venturimeter of different dimensions and beta ratio. It mainly includes a centrifugal blower, a peak flow rate meter which is similar to mechanical rotameter, a differential pressure sensor and an oscilloscope to record the sensor data. In order to generate variable flow from the blower a variac (AC voltage regulator) is attached with it. The standard readings are obtained from a commercial medical grade Peak Flow Rate meter. Basically this experiment is conducted to check the feasibility of 3D printed micro venturimeter as a potential spirometer in telemedicine.

SCARA: Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm

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SCARA robotic arms are widely used assembly robots in many heavy industries around the world. Its arm is rigid in the Z-axis and pliable in the XY-axes, which allowed it to adapt to holes in the XY-axes. This is advantageous for many types of assembly operations, i.e., inserting a round pin in a round hole without binding. In this project, we tried to develop a model of SCARA in order to study the kinematics behind it. The robotic arm was controlled via parallel port of the computer which is currently obsolete. The host side control program was written using Matlab computing language. The gripping algorithm was based on inverse kinematics. There is a plan to renovate this robotic arm into android controlled one.

Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Using Oscillometric Algorithm

Low cost digital stethoscope

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It is a low cost digital stethoscope where a microphone is embedded inside stethoscope’s tube. The signal conditioning circuit consists of a preamplifier, a sallen key low pass filter and a power amplifier to drive the earphone.

DIY: USB to Serial converter based on ATMEGA8


This hardware is developed to establish serial communication between different types of microcontrollers and computer. The device uses USB CDC class for USB communication. The AVR CDC232 firmware for Atmega8 from the  Recursion Co. Ltd. is used in the device side. When connected to the host side, the PC detects it as a virtual COM port.

Low Cost Automatic Water Faucet

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