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February 2016

Comsol analysis of a Micro Paper Plane as a potential for low cost UAV

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The simulation results showing the pressure and velocity distribution (over a single slice) for an indigenous delta model.

COMSOL Simulation of Venturimeter as a Spirometer

The simulation results showing the velocity distribution and pressure distribution for the given flow geometry.

Differential Air Pressure Sensor (ft. MPXV 5050 DP & MPXV 2010DP)

The calibration curve is given for MPXV 5050DP pressure sensor.

Class A Instrumentation Amplifier using TL074

Low Cost PIC16F84A Based Trainer Board For Educational Purpose

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Multi channel Humidity and Temperature Logger using HSM 20G sensors

Humidity and Temperature of surrounding environment
Temperature and Humidity reading of the surrounding environment from the channel 1


Reading Humidity and temperature near an ice filled cup
Temperature and Humidity reading near a cup of ice water from the channel 1

The device has been developed as per as the requirements of the Department of Biomedical Physics & Technology , University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, for one of their postdoctoral students project of Solar Water Filter. It is used to measure humidity and temperature from two channels where the sensors are connected. There is a push button to select the channels. The manufacturing cost of the device is about 30 USD.

Video Link: Multi channel temperature and humidity logger using HSM 20G sensor

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